CBD Bath and Body Products

We stock a great selection of CBD Bath and Body products. From CBD Lotions and Massage Oils to CBD Pain Rubs, CBD Salves and CBD Creams. If you are looking for CBD topical products, we invite you to browse our selection of products available for online purchase or in-person at our Marietta, GA CBD Store. CBD Topical products such as lotions, salves, creams and pain rubs are designed to be applied directly to the skin. Topical CBD oil offers a natural way to nourish sensitive skin and ease the pain of sore muscles (from the outside in). While consuming CBD can promote an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation, it can take time to become effective—not ideal if you’re dealing with itchy skin or achy muscles. CBD topicals can be applied directly to the troubling area, getting to work straight away. For instance, ointments and salves are best used on rashes, inflamed skin, and blemishes. The salve helps soothe any itching and supports your body's natural healing ability. They are best suited to areas where only a small amount of the product is necessary, such as your temples or wrists. Meanwhile, CBD creams have a moisturizing quality ideal for use on your face, elbows, knees, and other areas that will benefit from feeling smoother, softer, and fresher.